2020 Disruptive Technology Award Competition

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Baebies, Inc.

Nearly 10% of all babies born are admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit, where they are evaluated using tests intended for adults that require large sample volumes. Baebies addresses unmet needs in neonatal diagnostics with panels of tests using low sample volume.

Baebies, Inc. - 2020 AACC Disruptive Technology Award Winner

Baebies was also selected as the Audience Choice Award winner, which was determined by audience voting.


ALCEDIAG LogoPrecision diagnostics is still a major unmet medical need in psychiatry. Thanks to epigenetics enhanced by artificial intelligence, ALCEDIAG is changing the game. The company’s EditB blood test helps differentiate depression from bipolar disorder with an accuracy of 87%.

Sherlock Biosciences
Sherlock Biosciences LogoSherlock is disrupting diagnostics with better, faster, and more affordable tests designed to improve health worldwide in virtually any setting without complex instruments.


Cardea Bio
Cardea Bio Logo In a true first, Cardea’s Biology-gated Transistors infrastructure directly connects biology with computers. Together with our innovation partners, Cardea is developing an infrastructure of products and applications that Link up to Life.

Geneoscopy Logo Geneoscopy is a healthcare startup company that has developed a novel method to extract eukaryotic RNA biomarkers from stool to enable a new wave of noninvasive diagnostic tests to prevent, detect, and treat gastrointestinal disease.

Zepto Life Technology
Zepto Life Technology Logo Zepto aims to replace blood culture with a rapid point-of-care molecular diagnostic platform that identifies pathogen cell-free DNA directly from plasma. Zepto uses giant magnetoresistance or GMR, which combines microarray and melting curves to yield unparalleled diagnostic accuracy.