Bead Lyophilization for Custom Molecular Diagnostic Assays

Tuesday, July 30
10 a.m. - 10:20 a.m.
Exhibit Hall Theater #2
Sponsored by Fortis Life Sciences


While molecular diagnostic assays are now common in clinical labs, their broader implementation for point-of-care testing use has been limited by assay complexity and requirement for cold chain storage. The use of lyophilized assay components can help overcome these challenges, providing simplified workflows and ambient temperature stability. Though lyophilized mixes are available for several kinds of molecular assays, the chemistries offered are typically limited to a single assay type and detection platform. Here we demonstrate the utility of single-reaction lyophilized beads, which can be custom-formulated and packaged to accommodate a wide range of assays and point-of-care devices across the diagnostic industry.


Brendan Looyenga
Development Scientist, Fortis Life Sciences