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Through this annual awards program, the association and its academy recognize individuals around the world for outstanding research and service in the field of laboratory medicine, and strive to raise awareness of the vital contribution made by all lab professionals to patient care. The 2024 ADLM and Academy Award winners and Academy fellows will be recognized during the ADLM 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center.

ADLM will also recognize ADLM 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting poster abstract award recipients, including ADLM Division, ADLM Disruptive Technology Award winner. 

2024 ADLM Award Winners

Patrick BossuytWallace H. Coulter Lectureship Award
Patrick M. Bossuyt, PhD
Washington University

2024 Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory MedicineOutstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
Thomas Annesley, PhD, DABCC
University of Michigan

2024 Outstanding Contributions Through Service to the Profession of Clinical ChemistryOutstanding Contributions Through Service to the Profession of Clinical Chemistry
David G. Grenache, PhD, D(ABCC)
TriCore Reference Laboratories

2024 Outstanding Contributions to Education in Clinical ChemistryOutstanding Contributions to Education in Clinical Chemistry
James H. Nichols, PhD, DABCC, FADLM
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

2024 Outstanding Scientific Achievements by a Young InvestigatorOutstanding Scientific Achievements by a Young Investigator
Mark A. Zaydman, MD, PhD
Washington University School of Medicine

2024 Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) Achievement AwardClinical Laboratory Scientist Achievement Award
David Shiembob, MBA, C(ASCP)
ARUP Laboratories

2024 ADLM Past President’s AwardPast President Award
Shannon Haymond, PhD, MSPA, DABCC, FADLM
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

2024 ADLM General Research Grant RecipientADLM General Research Grant Recipient
Cristina Andrea Figueroa Villalba, MD
Yale School of Medicine

2024 Helen Free Travel Grant RecipientHelen Free Travel Grant Recipient
Kaitlyn Bolte, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

2024 Academy awards

Amitava Dasgupta

The Academy Award for Outstanding Contributions to Clinical Chemistry in a Selected Area of Research
Amitava Dasgupta, PhD, DABCC, FADLM
University of Kansas Medical Center

Yusheng Zhu

Professor Alvin Dubin Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Profession and the Academy
Yusheng Zhu, PhD, MS, DABCC (CC, TC, MB), FADLM, FACSc
Penn State University Hershey Medical Center and College of Medicine

Mary Kathryn Bohn

George Grannis Award for Excellence in Research and Scientific Publication
Mary Kathryn Bohn, PhD
University of Toronto

2024 Academy fellows

Full Fellow

Jennifer Brown, PhD, FADLM
John Buchweitz, PhD, FADLM
Melissa Budelier, PhD, FADLM
Teralee Burton, PhD, FADLM
Vishnu Chaturvedi, PhD, FADLM
Rejwi Dahal, PhD, FADLM
Alpa Dherai, PhD, FADLM
Behnam Emami, PhD, FADLM
Hoda Hagrass, MD, PhD, FADLM
Stacy Kenyon, PhD, FADLM
Frank LaDuca, PhD, FADLM
Jennifer Powers Carson, PhD, FADLM
Pratistha Ranjitkar, PhD, FADLM
Maryam Salehi, PhD, FADLM
Grace Williams, PhD, FADLM
Min Yu, MD, PhD, FADLM


Rinini Dastidar, PhD
Siew Kim Ong, EdD

2024 ADLM Academy Distinguished Abstract Award Winners

A-086 – Bradley Collier, Burlington, NC
Clinical Performance of a Plasma ATN Panel for Assessment of Alzheimer’s Disease

A-157 – Tushar Sehgal, Delhi, India
Utility of kaolin TEG and rapid TEG to predict coagulopathy in severe traumatic brain injury

A-167 – Brody Foy, Seattle, WA
Hematologic setpoints are a deep physiologic phenotype which enable personalized blood count reference intervals

A-210 Thando Gcingca, Bethesda, MD
Ldl-c to non-hdl-c ratio method: a simple way to determine bias for ldl-c methods on hypertriglyceridemic samples.

A-211 – Benjamin Andress
Lipids in the Afternoon: Effect on LDL-C, Triglycerides, and Collection Time When Removing Fasting Requirements for Lipid Panels

A-227 – Heather Melson, Salt Lake City, UT
One Step Toward Implementation of Advanced Lipoprotein Testing in Children: A Pilot Study on Pediatric Reference Ranges

A-268 – Tina Bui-Bullock, Saint Louis, MO
Comparison of the Elecsys® HCV Duo Assay to Standard of Care Algorithmic Testing

A-288 – Soraya de Andrade, São Paulo, Brazil
Active Surveillance Cultures: Frequency of Microorganisms and Phenotypic Resistance Profile From Brazilian Public Hospitals After COVID-19 Pandemic Peak

A-310 – Eros Qama, Bronx, NY
Neurodevelopmental disorders and hyperlipidemia in HIV-exposed uninfected children in the Bronx, New York

A-320 – Kuldeep Dhillon, Richmond, CA
Determination of Guanidinoacetate Methytransferase Enzyme Biomarkers in Newborn Cried Blood Spot by Tandem Mass Spectrometry-A Two Tier Approach

B-052 – Danting Liu, Rochester, MN
Celiac Disease Risk Assessment of HLA-DQ Typing in IgA Deficient Patients

B-060 – Tomas De Haro, Spain
Prevalence of CCD and profilins antibodies in a seasonal allergy study

B-102 – Fay Stewart, Birmingham, United Kingdom
The Impact of Protein / Protein Interactions on Serum Free Light Chain Assay Calibration

B-116 – Laura Puigví, Vilafranca del Penedès, Spain
Cost Estimation of Laboratory Test Overuse in 14 Ordered Parameters: Experience From 6 hospitals and 65 Primary Care Centers

B-123 – Hunter Miller, Louisville, KY
Prediction of Opioid Use Duration in Post-Surgical Orthopedic Patients Using CYP2D6 Inhibitor Index and Routine Laboratory Markers

B-137 – Raj Gopalan, Durham, NC
Sepsis risk prediction using machine learning (ML) and routine blood markers up to 1 week before emergency admission

B-149 – Yifei Yang, Rochester, MN
Diverse glycosylation of circulating alpha fetoprotein in chronic liver diseases profiled by intact mass high resolution mass spectrometry

B-153 – Rong Yi, Vancouver, Canada
Improving Accuracy of IgG subclasses Quantitation in Serum Using Liquid Chromatography - Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) on SCIEX 7500

B-200 – Tonya Jagneaux, Baton Rouge, LA
Expediting Identification of Occult Sepsis with a Novel Diagnostic for Patients Presenting to the ED with Possible Infection

B-232 – Michelle Dina, Rochester, MN
One Year Post-Implementation Experience Using a Custom Designed DNA Contamination Detection Module for a Clinical Myeloid Neoplasm Next Generation Sequencing Assay

B-240 – Matthew Baker, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Multi-omic blood test for early detection of cancer and pre-cancer

B-247 – Ievgen Motorykin, San Juan Capistra, CA
A Missing Peptide Link: A Case Study Involving Detection of an Unusual IGF-1 Protein Form Using High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry

B-251 – Manan Vij, New York, NY
Comprehensive Proteomics Analysis Reveals an Exosomal Biomarker Signature Useful for Detection of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

B-255 – Zoi Sychev, Minneapolis, MN
Identification of the protein expression of Androgen Receptor variants using Targeted proteomics in clinical Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer models

B-288 – Mellia Bennett, Calgary, Canada
Turning False Positive Screening into True Positive Results

B-304 – Amy Theriault, Birmingham, AL
Development of free valproic acid estimating equations for adult epileptic patients

B-308 – Brendan Manning, Waltham, MA
Analytical and clinical performance of a novel ovarian cancer screening test in asymptomatic women

B-318 – Álvaro González, Pamplona, Spain
Serum PSA in Extracellular Vesicles: Immunoreactivity to Commercial Kits and Elimination Kinetics

B-337 – Cristina Agulló, Salamanca, Spain
Mass Spectrometry to evaluate treatment response in patients with Multiple Myeloma. A comparative study versus Immunofixation.

2024 Division awards

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2024 ADLM Disruptive Technology award winners

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