ADLM 2024 Call for Proposals

Call for Poster Abstracts is Open

The ADLM 2024 Call for Proposal is now closed. Proposal submissions are under review by the 2024 Annual Meeting Organizing Committee (AMOC) and cannot be further edited. Frequently asked questions such timeline, requesting edits, and notifications are below. Contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

ADLM 2024 Call for Poster Abstracts is open. Visit the Call for Poster Abstracts pages for details on requirements, a downloadable Word doc template, and more.

Learn How to Submit a Poster Abstract

Key Dates

November 2023. Proposals under review.
January 2024. AMOC convenes to deliberate.
February 2024. Edits may be requested by the committee.
March 2024. Submitters (moderators and roundtable speakers) are notified of decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit another proposal?

No. We thank you for your interest, but the general ADLM 2024 Call for Proposals is now closed. As another option to share your work, the ADLM 2024 Call for Poster Abstracts will be open November 15, 2023, through mid-February 2024. You may wish to consider a poster abstract submission.

Can I edit my already submitted proposal?

Generally, the answer is no. Submitted proposals are under active review by AMOC reviewers. We cannot make edits during active review without disrupting the reviewers process. For minor typographical edits, title adjustments, and similar edits, please wait until after notifications are sent in early March. There are some exceptions.

  • Faculty change requests. Please have the submitter/moderator inform the AMOC by contacting us at [email protected] if you need to make a change in faculty due to changes in proposed moderator and/or speaker schedules. This is a change that would impact the decision of the AMOC and therefore needs to be taken into account as soon as possible.
  • AMOC change requests. We may also reach out to the submitter/moderator on behalf of AMOC to ask for clarifications and/or edits to the proposal to help with the review process. In these case, ADLM staff will make edits on your behalf rather than having you edit your proposal submission directly.
  • Withdraws. Please have the submitter/moderator contact us at [email protected] if you must withdraw the proposal from consideration.

How do I get a copy of my proposal?

Hopefully, you would have used the Word doc proposal template and/or created your own working file to have a copy of the proposal. In addition to this, an automated message would have been sent to the submitter (moderator or roundtable speaker) and speakers once the submission was complete. Please refer to this email. We may also resend the notification if needed. Contact us at [email protected] if you need a copy of the confirmation email.

When will I know if the proposal is accepted?

Our expected notification date is March 1, 2024. The notifications of acceptance and declination will only be sent to Moderators and Roundtable Speakers. If you are a speaker in proposal, you must ask the submitter/moderator for the decision notice.

How will I know if the proposal is accepted?

Email notifications are expected to be sent to the proposal submitter (moderators and roundtable speakers) on or near March 1, 2024, to the email address provided. Speakers of courses and sessions should ask the proposal submitter/moderator if they have received the notice.

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