TeloScript: an Innovative Highly Processive Reverse Transcriptase for Ultra-long RNA and Efficient Template Switching

Tuesday, July 30
11:30 - 11:50 a.m.
Exhibit Hall Theater #2
Sponsored by Fapon


Fapon Biotech is a global IVD raw materials provider, including antibodies, antigens, molecular enzymes, among other things.

In molecular diagnosis field, Fapon focuses on providing high quality reagents in applications such as RT-qPCR, isothermal amplification and next generation sequencing library preparation. Utilizing various cutting-edge tools including structure and AI based enzyme engineering technology together with high-throughput enzyme and buffer screening system, Fapon is dedicated to enzyme innovation.

Here, we highlight one proprietary reverse transcriptase (TeloScript) with market leading high processivity, capable of reverse transcribing long and structured RNAs. In addition, TeloScript showed strong inhibitor resistance and strong template switching activity for single-cell RNA sequencing.


Nick Guan
Vice President of Molecular Diagnostics R&D, Fapon Biotech Inc.

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