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July 28 - August 1 · Chicago, IL

Managing Pipettes In-House; Debunking the Myths

Wednesday, July 31
Time: 12:00 - 12:20 p.m.
Location: Exhibit Hall Theater #2
Support by Advance Instruments


It is estimated that 99.9 percent of pipette operators have not been trained properly in pipetting. Variation between pipette operators and their technique can have a critical impact on data quality. How are you evaluating your pipette operators? Do you have records of competency? Are there enough granular details in your SOPs describing proper pipetting technique or are they open for interpretation? If an accidental pipette failure occurs such as a dropped pipette, how can you feel confident that the pipette is still within calibration? Countless dollars are being spent sending pipettes out for calibration, but what happens during the transportation process to your precious pipettes? Do you know how pipettes perform in your specific laboratory environment? Come to the Artel by Advanced Instruments industry workshop to get an overview on how we can help debunk the various myths surrounding the pipette world.


Candie Gilman
Education & Training Manager, Advanced Instruments

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